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Lattakia Branch

Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport

Is one of Arab League organizations and is a member in both the Union of Arab Universities and the International Association of Universities

It is an educational organization specialized in science, technology, and maritime transport. Moreover, it is pioneering in postgraduate studies and scientific and applied research.

It is further interested in education, training and research. AASTMT obtained the ISO Certificate (ISO 9001) for International Quality in University Education in 2000.

It is equalized by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities with the bachelor degree granted by Egyptian universities and acknowledged by Arabs and the world.

Holders of General Secondary Certificate or its equivalent foreign certificates, whether they are males or females, can register in AASTMT.  They have to opt for the fields that suit their majors.

AASTMTs educational system depends on full attendance and the American scholastic system of credited hours when it comes to classroom sessions.



Lattakia Branch was created in confirmation of the Joint Arab Action and according to the legislative decree No. 33 in 2007 which contains sanctioning the amended agreement on the construction of AASTMT issued originally in 2000 (No 291) by the Council of Ministers. The Branch was established in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education in The Syrian Arab Republic and the Ministries Act No. 51 in 2008. His Highness Mr. Amr Mousa, the General Secretary of Arab League, asked His Excellency Dr. Bashar Al Assad to assign Academy a main headquarter. His Excellency Dr. Al Assad agreed to that and accordingly current operations are in progress to plan the execution to construct Academy''s permanent headquarters in Syria.


In October 2001, AASTMT opened branches in Lattakia City in Syria with Marine Navigation and International Transport and Logistics Departments. Later on, Computer Engineering Department was initiated. So far, students who studied in Lattakia Branch tolled 1300. Lattakia Branch is considered as one of the successful examples of cooperation between an Arabic government and an Arab League organization as stated in the Agreement on constructing Academy.


The Syrian Arab republic is the first country that includes a branch for Academy. The staff members of the Lattakia Branch have noticed bright spots throughout their educational process. Lattakia Branch is a pioneering educational monument concerned with qualifying Syrian staff to work on-board high seas vessels and in different fields of science, modern technology, and business sectors. Finally, AASTMTs Lattakia Branch is continuously updated to cope with Alexandrias mother headquarters in The Arab Republic of Egypt.