About Latakia Branch

Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport

Lattakia Branch was created in confirmation of the Joint Arab Action and according to the legislative decree No. 33 in 2007 which contains sanctioning the amended agreement on the construction of AASTMT issued originally in 2000 (No 291) by the Council of Ministers. The Branch was established in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education in The Syrian Arab Republic and the Ministries Act No. 51 in 2008. His Highness Mr. Amr Mousa, the General Secretary of Arab League, asked His Excellency Dr. Bashar Al Assad to assign Academy a main headquarter. His Excellency Dr. Al Assad agreed to that and accordingly current operations are in progress to plan the execution to construct Academy''s permanent headquarters in Syria.

In October 2001, AASTMT opened branches in Lattakia City in Syria with Marine Navigation and International Transport and Logistics Departments. Later on, Computer Engineering Department was initiated. So far, students who studied in Lattakia Branch tolled 1300. Lattakia Branch is considered as one of the successful examples of cooperation between an Arabic government and an Arab League organization as stated in the Agreement on constructing Academy.

About The Academy

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is one of the specialized organizations of The League of Arab States whose member-states are participants in the AASTMT. Since its establishment in 1972, the Academy has been involved in the various fields of education, training, scientific research and community service. Being a multi-purpose, multi-task institution, the Academy basically offers its services to students from the entire Arab world, as well as those from African countries.

Admission Requirements

Holder of the High School (Thanawiya Amma) certificate or any equivalent certificate. Medical fitness for the Nautical, Marine Engineering and Fisheries Technology departments.

Sitting for the English Placement Test .

The student in the Marine Engineering Technology can complete their studies to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering after the fifth semester if they have met the requirements of admission in the College of Engineering and Technology.

The student must not exceed 22 years at the beginning of classes and must declare his military conscription status.


Computer Engineering

In addition, the department has excellent lecturers who are actively engaged in leading-edge research, giving them an awareness of emerging trends in technology. We provide strong laboratory experiences over the course of the curriculum, where students work in design teams on real-world problems which give them the ability to be leaders of the future in their fields of interest.

College of Maritime Transport and Technology

Establishing the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) as a regional institute for maritime transport started as a notion in the Arab League Transport Committee''s meetings on 11th of March, 1970.The AASTMT started its activity in a temporary location in Alexandria on 28th of February, 1972. The decree commissioned the Arab Republic of Egypt, on behalf of all the Arab countries, to ask for a technical aid from the United Nations'' organizations specialized in the field of maritime transport.

College of International Transport and Logistics

In response to the realization that international transport and logistics are the art and root of progression and advancement, and also in response to the increasing demand on post graduate education in the field of global trade and logistics, the Institute of International Transport and Logistics, was founded in Lattakia, in the year 2001as one of the Academy specialized entities.

College of Management and Technology

The Department of Business Administration at the Department of Lattakia Branch second companion and is identical to the Department of Business Administration at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria (Head Office). He teaches and rehabilitation of students with GCSE Pferaha scientific and literary as well as secondary trading within the conditions and requirements Admission adopted in the Ministry of Higher Education and the Syrian Center Riisa at the academy.

What Our Students Say

Take some time to read and watch what our past and present students say about their experiences studying at AASTMT.